Nicole McClurg, Spiritual Formation Director

Life. Freedom. Wholeness. These were words that kept ringing in my soul because I was hungry to experience them in my life. I thought the way to experience them was to know and do all the “right” things. With this as my goal and intention, I fully expected to experience God’s love and acceptance in greater abundance; to sense aliveness in my relationship with God. Instead, what I felt was shame and condemnation since I never could get it “right” or know enough about God to truly experience Him personally. I also found that I was weary. This weariness of soul turned out to be a gift because it led me to ask important questions like this one, “Is there more to God and this life of faith than what I am currently experiencing?” Diving into this question launched an ongoing journey, a process of developing a deeper relational life-with-God, self, and others than I ever thought was possible. I embarked on this deeper journey toward God through the process of spiritual formation and the ministry of spiritual direction. What I discovered along the way is that there is more to life-with-God, there is real transformation available, there is freedom, and wholeness to experience in all our relationships. I found healing in my own identity and in my image of who God is and how he calls me to be in relationship with Him. I also discovered my passion and call to help others begin or renew this spiritually transformative journey in their own life. With a master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership and as a certified Spiritual Director with Enneagram training, I am prepared to walk with you as you take the next step on your journey toward transformation in Christ so that you can experience more life, freedom, and wholeness. I am delighted to share my life with my husband of over 20 years and two teenage boys. I love connecting with God and others through His Word, creation, life stories, worship and a good cup a coffee. The journey of transformation is life-long and we all need others to walk with us. If you, your small group, or church staff desire to experience more life, freedom, and wholeness, I invite you to check out the services I offer and give me a call. I’d love to walk with you awhile! I can be reached at 765-412-7736 or through my website at .

Job Title Spiritual Formation Consultant and Director
Availability Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Other Times by Appointment
Relationship Specializations Developing transformational connections with God self and others
Individual Specializations Creating space for transformation of the personality and soul care through the ministry of spiritual formation and spiritual direction
Assessments Offered None Specified
Counseling Memberships None Specified
Education B.S. Child Psychology

Certified Spiritual Director

M.A. Spiritual Formation and Leadership
Partnership Type Wellness Partners